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Technology Audit


Technology Audit

Our thorough Technology Audit will determine where we’re starting from, and help us to develop a plan to build a solid technology foundation for your organization.

USD $100.00


Servers & Workstations

If something happens to your servers or workstations, the business interruption could cause great harm to your customer relationships, your productivity, and your bottom line. The ZenaCareIMsm Technology Audit includes the following areas of analysis to determine the gap between where your servers and workstations are today and where they need to be:
  • Hardware Configuration & Upgrade Capabilities
  • Operating System Configuration
  • E-mail Configuration
  • Software Licensing Compliance
  • Server and Workstation Security
  • Backup and Recovery
Security & Network Infrastructure

Many threats to your systems exist and it’s important to stay one step ahead of potential attackers. The ZenaCareIMsm Technology Audit will identify vulnerabilites that need to be addressed to protect your valuable assets.
  • Firewall Settings & VPN Connections
  • Routers, Switches, Hubs
  • Network & Local Printers
  • Internet Connectivity

Your internet connectivity is your lifeline to your customers. The ZenaCareIMsm Technology Audit will ensure that you have the right internet solution, and you’re paying the right amount for it.
  • Internet Configuration
  • Internet Costs & Contracts
Network Documentation, Recommendations & Options

After we’ve analyzed your current systems, we use our years of extensive expertise to formulate the plan to ensure your systems will be available, safe and secure.
  • Evaluate All Discovery Data
  • Technical Team Review
  • Creation of Technology Plan & Network Diagram

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